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Kent & Stowe Stainless Steel Long Handled Bulb Planter


Keep the knee pads in the cupboard, and give your back a break, thanks to the Long Handled Bulb Planter from Kent & Stowe. Part of the Stainless Steel collection of essential garden tools, the planter's stainless steel head features tread edged wings, letting it slice cleanly through the ground and remove a plug of soil. Once your bulb has been planted, simply release the plug back over the hole and move on to your next planting spot. The planter's 7cm diameter allows ample room for all sizes of bulbs, and features a 4" depth guide for those plants that require a little more attention in planting. Easy to use in even the toughest of soils, this hardy planter is backed up by that defining heritage charm of the Kent & Stowe range. Kent & Stowe has been giving British gardeners the tools to grow for well over a century. Today, Kent & Stowe provides exceptional tools for discerning gardeners, in a collection of traditional stainless steel spades, forks and planters.


  • Online Gardner Stainless Steel Planting Head With Tread Edged Wings
  • Is FSC Certified Wooden handle provides heritage charm
  • Has Etched 4" Scale Along Head To Aid In Measuring Planting Depth
  • Eliminates The Need For Bending When Planting Bulbs
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