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Wombat Leather Bush Hats


Australian cattle drovers have sworn by these hats for years and it’s no wonder. The wide shaped brim is ideal for shading your face from the blazing sun out in the bush. However, Australian bush hats are just as great for wearing in unpredictable British weather.

  • Full grain leather has not been altered beyond hair removal. As the leather remains relatively close to its natural state, it is the toughest and most durable kind of leather. What’s more the colours, textures and markings may differ slightly giving a particularly rugged look.
  • At the tannery leather is often split into layers and then treated with oils. Split leather comes from those layers which are closest to the flesh and thus has a more uniform colour and texture as well as a soft and pliable finish. As it is thinner it is less durable than full-grain hide.
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